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ATAI is founder of and biggest investor in Compass

ATAI’s portfolio company COMPASS Pathways went public on NASDAQ (“CMPS”) priced at USD 17 per share. Shares jumped 71% Post-IPO bringing the market cap of COMPASS to more than USD 1 bn.

COMPASS raised total gross proceeds of USD 147mn to further develop Psilocybin (COMP360) in treatment resistant depression (TRD). This is a major milestone validating the appetite of the public markets for the alternative mental healthcare industry.

ATAI is a founding member and biggest investor in COMPASS Pathways, which had a 29% shareholding pre-IPO. ATAI supported COMPASS’ growth since 2017.

The news first appeared on Bloomberg: Read article here

About ATAI Life Sciences

ATAI is a global leading biotech company investing in and acquiring therapeutics focusing on longevity and mental wellbeing. The company’s vision is to cure mental health disorders, enabling people to live healthier and happier lives.





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