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QC·PARTNERS: APEX Ventures and I.E.C.T. Hermann Hauser announce collaboration


Partnering up to support the growing European ecosystem of innovation

I.E.C.T. – Hermann Hauser and APEX Ventures announce a partnership to collaboratively contribute to the development and support of the start-up ecosystem in central Europe and beyond. Joint by a mutual passion for entrepreneurship and technology driven innovation, I.E.C.T. – Hermann Hauser and APEX Ventures will team up to identify, coach, develop and back founders with their novel ideas and vision.

In addition to investing in the APEX Ventures deep tech fund, Hermann Hauser will join the advisory board of APEX Ventures providing advice and mentorship to the founding team throughout the investment process.

I.E.C.T. – Hermann Hauser – centre of the deep-tech scene

I.E.C.T. – Hermann Hauser is in the center of an international network of serial entrepreneurs and investors. It is the starting point of the central European investment activities of Hermann Hauser and the I.E.C.T.-Capital Partners and runs programs for startup development with a focus on deep tech companies.

APEX Ventures – European Deep-Tech Venture Capital Fund

Founded by Andreas Riegler, Christoph Kanneberger and Stefan Haubner, APEX Ventures is a Europe based early stage company builder fund backing technology ventures with a focus on unique and defendable intellectual property and above average market potential. Since its first closing in 2017, APEX Ventures has completed multiple investments in Europe and in the U.S., more specifically in the fields of cyber security, A.I. for medical applications, InsureTech for autonomous vehicles and copyright monetization. APEX Ventures has since closely supported the founding teams in their go-to-market approach to help accelerate international growth. In a rigorous validation process APEX Ventures assesses 600+ early stage ventures per year and targets a total portfolio size of 18 deep tech ventures across Europe and in exceptional cases in the U.S. To identify talented teams and support their ideas at an early stage, APEX Ventures closely works with academic institutions, entrepreneurship programs and other international VC partners.

APEX Ventures und Hermann Hauser – making global innovation out of Europe happen

„Europe is becoming a lot more innovative. If you look at the start-up scene in Berlin, Munich, Cambridge, London and Vienna: The distance between Silicon Valley and those European clusters is shrinking. I hope together we can make this gap even smaller. That’s why I joined the APEX advisory board.“, comments Hermann Hauser.

“The APEX Ventures founding partners are incredibly excited about Hermann Hauser and his team joining APEX Ventures as both teams share the passion for supporting world class teams and identifying unique ideas with global potential” says Andreas Riegler, Founding Partner at APEX Ventures.


Q·ADVISERS owns a 15 % stake in APEX Ventures GmbH via QC·PARTNERS. Q·CAPITAL VENTURES and APEX Ventures share deal-flow for start-up investments.


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