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The ketchup market is ripe for disruption, and that is exactly what Curtice Brothers intends to do. With an all-star team and an award-winning range of organic sauces, we are thrilled to join the food industry heavy weights behind Curtice Brothers, further deepening our position within the sustainable food space.

Dating all the way back to 1868, Curtice Brothers was founded by two brothers in Rochester, NY over 150 years ago.  About 5 years ago, food entrepreneur and enthusiast, Mario C. Bauer (of Vapiano) and Christoph Callies decided to revive the forgotten brand to modern glory, and brought together a star-studded team of talent to make this dream a reality including Andreas Karlsson (Sticks & Sushi), Ehren Ashkenazi, as well as Enrico Sodano and Philipp Zinggl (both of Vapiano).

This year, we are excited to join the Curtice Brothers journey alongside some of our favorite people in the food space including our investment partner and AmRest founder, Henry McGovern as well as captains of industry Sinclair Beecham (co-founder of Pret) and Clive Schlee (of Itsu & former CEO of Pret).

Bringing with them a suit of unrivaled industry expertise, today Curtice Brothers is now sold all over Europe and quickly expanding across the globe, with joint ventures in both US and China. They have won the ‘Great Taste Award’ in 2018, 2019 and 2020 and continue to grow both their range and reach.

With extensive experience investing into food retail, including German bio ice-cream brand Kissyo, we are thrilled to back another sustainable food venture effectively combining great taste with high quality, natural ingredients. We are confident that the team behind Curtice Brothers has the passion and know-how to bring this iconic brand into the 21st century, and look forward to seeing their continued success.

About Curtice Brothers:

The Curtice Brother’s philosophy is ‘No Choice but to Love’, and this ethos is embedded at every level. Curtice Brothers is dedicated to high quality ingredients and works closely with a family run production in Tuscany to cook their range of organic ketchup and sauces.

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