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QC·Ventures is excited to announce their recent participation in the oversubscribed $175mn Series C raise of innovative food tech company, The Every Co. (previously known as Clara Foods). The round was led by McWIN, a private Investment firm founded by food industry heavy weights Henry McGovern (founder of AmRest Holdings SE, one of Europe’s leading foodservice companies) and Steven K. Winegar (co-founder of Grupo Zena and the founder of Restauravia Grupo Empresarial). The round also included investments from existing investor Rage Capital and an incredible cohort of investors including Temasek and Prosus Ventures. 

Leveraging the increasing market demand for more sustainable protein, EVERY is an innovative food tech company on a mission to create animal-free animal proteins via fermentation and recently launched the world’s first chicken-less egg protein — EVERY ClearEgg™. 

As technological leaders in precision fermentation, EVERY is able to produce super-functional one-to-one replacements of animal proteins through a highly scalable model leveraging existing fermentation infrastructure. To this end, they already have a partnership in place with ABInBev, who have global brewing facilities and deep expertise in large-scale fermentation processes as well as Ingredion, the world’s foremost ingredients wholesaler.   

Today, EVERY is well positioned to crack into the egg market to become the leading industrial supplier of animal-free egg protein.  We are extremely confident in the passionate team behind EVERY and look forward to their expansion into a cutting-edge protein platform revolutionizing global food chain supplies. 

About The EVERY Company:  

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, The EVERY Company is a market leader in precision fermentation, successfully engineering, manufacturing and formulating animal-free animal proteins to revolutionize the global food and beverage industry. The company was originally founded as Clara Foods in 2014, but rebranded in 2021 to EVERY™ to better convey its vision ‘to bring animal-free proteins to everyone, everywhere.’ 

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